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Your Life’s Work

Genesis 50:15-21

  • The story of Joseph is really the story of God accomplishing His purposes through the life of a man

  • His purpose was to save many people 50:20

  • The lesson to learn is that God has a purpose for your life--find out what it is

  • Look at all the circumstances of your life and realize that God has a purpose and is working in you

  • Get the joy of God’s work and will by surrendering to Him and seeking to please Him in all that is happening in your life

  1. Joseph’s brothers fear what he might do

  2. While Jacob lived Joseph was very good to the family

  3. He provided them with a wonderful place to live and work 47:6

  4. He got some of the jobs taking care of Pharaoh’s cattle as rulers 47:6

  5. He gave them the best 47:11

  6. He nourished all of them 47:12

  7. While everyone else is losing all that they have and becoming servants, Joseph’s family is prospering and ruling 47:6

  8. They have lost their money, their cattle, and now their land 47:18

  9. He moved the Egyptians from their land to other parts of the country 47:21

  10. Jacob, their dad, dies 49:33

  11. Jacob has given the blessing to Joseph

  12. Joseph got a double portion 48:22

  13. Joseph’s two sons are blessed 48:16

  14. Joseph gets the blessings of Jacob on him 49:26

  15. Jacob has commanded his sons 49:33

  16. They fear that Jacob might hate them and make them pay for how they had treated him 50:15

  17. They use the name of their father to ask his forgiveness 50:17

  18. They offer themselves as his servants 50:18

  19. Joseph answers, am I in the place of God 50:19

  20. When we take vengeance on someone else, we put ourselves in the place of God Romans 12:19

  21. They do not need to see themselves as his servants but God’s 50:18

  22. He will not judge them or punish them

  23. God had a purpose in all that happened to Joseph 50:20

  24. For Joseph to be angry with his brothers would be to ignore that God had a great purpose in what he did no matter what their desire had been

  25. We have no right to decide how God should go about accomplishing His purposes in our lives

  26. We should not stand or even try to stand in the way of what He wants

  27. It seems rather rebellious and presumptuous to be angry with the means God uses in our lives to accomplish His purposes

  28. It hurt Joseph that they would doubt him 50:17

  29. He told them not to be afraid 50:21

  30. He promised to take care of them 50:21

  31. He spoke kindly and comforted them 50:21

  32. III.Putting things into perspective!

  33. God uses even bad things that happen to us to accomplish good things in our lives and for the good of others 50:20

  34. When you see the good that God accomplished through Joseph how can you complain about the way that He brought you?

  35. Losing his family

  36. Being a slave

  37. Being falsely accused

  38. Being in jail

  39. Being forgotten

  40. This is a Biblical principal John 12:24

  41. The grain of wheat must fall into the ground and die if it wants to bring forth fruit

  42. The seed is alone in isolation

  43. It suffers in the elements

  44. It has to wait patiently until God decides to make it breakthrough

  45. It is often covered in manure that will actually give it strength

  46. It is, love your life or hate it-- John 12:25

  47. We can hold on to ourselves and our own goals and purposes or we can allow God to work in our lives

  48. We never understand all that He is doing or why

  49. The alabaster box must be broken Mark 14:3

  50. The Holy Spirit lives in us with all of His power

  51. To have effective ministry we must get out of His way

  52. He works in us to prepare us to give Him great glory

  53. Jesus suffered and died to bring about salvation

  54. Even the mother suffers to give birth

  55. Everyone that God will use must be broken so that He gets the glory

  56. Fruitfulness comes to those who are willing to surrender willingly to God’s working in their lives Romans 12:1-2

  57. The keys to finding God’s will

  58. Yield your life and all to Him

  59. Do not think or act like the world

  60. Learn His thoughts

  61. Do you desire that He use your life like Joseph to save many lives?

  62. Do you desire to glorify God with your life?

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