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Who is in charge?

Putting boundaries around what we will and will not do puts us in control instead of allowing Him to exercise dominion over us. Granted, some just need to know what He desires and get a fix on what His will is and then they will pull up stakes and go.

Without regard for what it will cost personally, they are willing to trust Him and leave the details up to Him. The Great Commission of Matthew 28:19–20 never asks us to figure out the details and, once we understand everything, go make disciples. He simply says go.

Too many of us—pastors and church members alike—say no. We are willing to do anything He tells us to do—but only up to a point, and then we reserve the right to decline.

By doing that, we demonstrate that our loyalties do not rest with Christ, but our hearts are divided between what we feel comfortable doing and what we prefer not to do.

Horner, D., & Platt, D. (2011). When missions shapes the mission. Nashville: B&H.

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