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What to accomplish in the first two years 8

Some do’s and don’ts.

Do not treat their church any differently than you would a church in the United States. Their church is just as good and many times much more spiritual than a church in the US...

Don’t treat national pastors any differently than you would a pastor in the United States.

Do not eat or drink in front of them without offering them something.

Do not buy food or candy for your children at or during the church service without offering some to everyone. It would be better if they could eat before they leave and then as soon as they get home.

Many times due to the fact that a little store is so close to the church, the missionaries make a beeline for the store and are seen eating and drinking, but the nationals do not have money to eat or drink.

Be careful not to take food to the service as though you were going to the circus.

Understandably many times a baby will need a small snack. Make it something that is not so noticeable and maybe even something that you could offer to the other babies in the church if they see you getting it out.

Do you know what it is like to be poor and see someone else drink a coke? That coke that is very inexpensive for you is very expensive oftentimes for the folks in the church.

By the time they are 3 or 4 years old, that should be broken from the habit of eating at church. If not, the whole family, all the children, will want to eat something at church. You can’t make a picnic out of a church service.

Do not constantly criticize their country or talk about your country and all you miss there or how it is better. Etc.

Be careful; your household worker is your loudspeaker to the world outside your home. Do you behave one way inside your home and another way outside? Do you lead a double life?

Develop a taste for their foods. Eat with them. Do not turn your nose up at their food.

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