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What to accomplish in the first two years 2

  1. The example of Paul I Corinthians 9:19-23, I Corinthians 10:33

  2. He made himself a servant.

  3. He did all he could to be one of them.

  4. He didn't do what was best for him.

  5. He ate their food without questioning them. There is no higher insult to a person than the refusal to eat their food. I Corinthians 10:27 Luke 10:7

  6. He gave himself, and all that he had, totally to them. He expected to be mistreated, but that didn't stop him from loving them. II Corinthians 12:15

  7. Paul called Peter's hand because he mistreated the "nationals" by showing preference to the other missionaries or people of his own race. He had been willing to eat with them and mix with them until other "missionaries" came and changed his mind. Be careful not to let disgruntled, un-bonded missionaries affect how you feel about the people.

  8. National leaders mention that new missionaries that arrive on the field loving them, but once the veteran missionaries get with them, they regressed into the same "better than you" selfish attitude.

  9. Many times the missionaries spend all of their free time with each other and do not develop a relationship with the nationals. Galatians 2:11-14

  10. Paul’s Instructions:

  • Please your neighbor Romans 15:2

  • Endure all things II Timothy 2:10

  • Love the people I Corinthians 13:1-8

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