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What a crazy travel day

This morning we got up and tried to leave at 8 but I held up the crowd. Then the normal coffee stop that the crew needs held us up a little more. We took off on a wild trip with the heart's desire to pray that God will raise up missionaries to the Balkans.

We traveled first to North Macedonia.

Population of North Macedonia is about 2,000,000. It became a country in 1991. 70% Eastern Orthodox Catholic and 30% Muslim approximately.

Then on to Serbia where we may have had our best meal yet.

Population 7,000,000. 85% Serbian Orthodox (Catholic)

Wonderful people in need of the gospel

Kosovo came next

Population 2,000,000. 98% Muslim. Disputed territory with Serbia

Then back to Albania

Population 3,000,000 60% Muslim 8% no religious persuasion

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