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Understanding Why!

Genesis 45

  1. Joseph makes himself known

  2. Joseph knew from the first time he saw them who they were 42:8

  3. Seeing his brothers made Joseph remember his dreams 42:9

  4. Joseph noticed the work that God had done in his brother’s hearts 42:15

  5. He had heard their confession of their sin 42:21-24

  6. He watched as his brothers came to the defense of Benjamin 44:14-34

  7. He watched as they worried about how what they did, affected his dad 44:44:30-31

  8. He could not hold back his feelings for his family 45:1

  9. He realizes that God had a purpose in all that had happened in his life

  10. God sent him to preserve life 45:5

  11. God sent him to preserve them a posterity 45:7

  12. He realizes that God has been at work in his life and has given him a special relationship to Pharaoh 45:8

  13. A father

  14. Lord of all his house

  15. Ruler throughout all the land of Egypt

  16. He promises to nourish them and keep them out of poverty 45:11

  17. He supplies their needs and more and tells them not to regard their stuff 45:20

  18. III.Acknowledging God’s purpose gave Joseph purpose

  19. Though he remembered what they had done he did not blame them 45:4-5

  20. Joseph was able to forgive their wrong because he realized that it wasn’t them but God working in his life Ephesians 6:12

  21. He didn't allow bitterness to put him in a prison Matthew 18:32-35

  22. He brought his family--those that had hurt him--near so that they could enjoy the good life he had received 45:10

  23. He kissed all of his brothers 45:15

  24. Through Pharaoh, he sends provisions for all of them and their wives and family 45:19

  25. He gave them all changes of clothes and provision for the trip 45:21-22

  26. He promised them provision better than they had at home 45:20

  27. Lessons for your personal life

  28. You should acknowledge that God has a plan for your life that is bigger than you Romans 8:28-29

  29. God had other purposes in everything He was doing Deuteronomy 8:2-3, 16

  30. These trials of your faith produce patience which takes us on to maturity James 1:3-4

  31. We glory in tribulations because we know what God is doing Romans 5:3-5

  32. God may allow you to understand someday why He is doing what He is doing in your life Isaiah 55:8-9

  33. Until you understand why all you can do is trust God and His character to only do what is right in your life

  34. Learn every lesson possible from the places that God puts you trusting that He is at work and has a purpose

  35. Realize that life is about much more than the people that you can see--not about flesh and blood

  36. If you trust God you can live with an expectant attitude Philippians 4:4-8

  37. You can be sure that God’s purpose is about more than you and your comfort

  38. The goal is that Christ would be magnified in your body Philippians 1:20

  39. To live is Christ Philippians 1:21

  40. Doing something needful for the brethren Philippians 1:24

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