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Turning a deaf ear

“And do you think that I can consent to turn a deaf ear to the cries of these people clamouring for the Gospel and craving for teachers?

If I can’t send them teachers because there are no teachers to send, yet at least I can stop one yawning gap myself. If I am not so efficient as youngsters, yet at least I may be more efficient than an absentee, a nobody.

And if others have failed to hear and respond to these awful pleadings of sinful men going to hell, yet desiring to know the way to heaven, at least my presence can assure them that there are still some who to save them will count life and all they hold dear as of no account in comparison.

“God knows all about my health and need of a rest and need of many things regarded as absolutely necessary in order to live in these regions.

I gladly laugh at being without them, and rejoice in a living death with a marvellous joy, in order to fill the place that others have left unoccupied whatever their reasons for so doing.”

Norman Grubb, C T Studd

Check out the Society of Mentors. This is a meeting of mentors who desire to personally grow while continually impacting others with reaching the world with the gospel.

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