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The word of the Lord

To this high honour the Bible professes to aspire: it claims to be nothing less than the word of the Lord.

What does the Christian believe, compared with the man who believes that the Scriptures are a cunningly-devised fable?

It is to him we plainly apply the exclamation, “O man, great is thy faith.” We indeed believe difficulties; but he believes absurdities: we believe mysteries; but he swallows absolute impossibilities. O Christian, your faith does not stand in the wisdom of man, but in the word of God: yet the wisdom of man has always been on your side.

Take up your Bible now, and examine it internally—is it not worthy of God? Upon the same principle that when I survey the works of creation I exclaim, “This is the finger of God;” so when I peruse the Scriptures, I feel the impress of the Divine agency: I am perfectly sure, that whoever was the author of the Book, he was a holy being, he was a wise being, he was a benevolent being; I am sure he knew me perfectly, and was concerned for my welfare.

Joseph S. Exell, The Biblical Illustrator: I Samuel, The Biblical Illustrator (New York; Chicago; Toronto; London; Edinburgh: Fleming H. Revell Company, n.d.), 78.

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