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The Right Steps Toward World Evangelism

1. Be sure of your salvation

  • Several missionaries have gotten saved after serving on the field

  • Others have fallen into deep sin

  • Others have quit on God

2. Be an ardent student of the word of God

  • Read it from cover to cover

  • Be disciplined in spending time with God each day

  • As a student, you read to learn and apply

  • You should be able to see God changing you through the word

  • Become a self-feeder

3. Fall in love with the church; if you don't like fellowship with God's people, how will you spend a lifetime bringing others into the family and building the family

4. Become a discipling machine. If you do not disciple now, you will not do so then either, remember you will only be more of tomorrow, whatever you are today.

5. Learn to cross the street and find new people and witness to them and get them in church

6. Be involved in local outreach and getting to lost people to share the gospel with them

7. Read missionary biographies

8. Get real training for the mission field

9. Develop personal convictions so that you can stand no matter what others do or think

10. Get victory over sin and temptation

11. Develop a strong marriage because it will be tested

12. Become a disciplined and self-motivated person

13. Get your thought life under control

14. Develop your gifts and be honest with yourself

15. Know who you are and live out who you are in Christ

Notice what wasn't mentioned

1. Worrying about where you are going to go-mission field

2. Getting to the field as quickly as possible without getting trained

3. Getting a prayer card

4. Getting a mission board

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