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The place where Jesus saved me!

Tomorrow I have the privilege of preaching at Wrigley Baptist Church in Lyles, Tennessee. This is a super special place. It is where the Lord saved me on May 6, 1962.

The pastor was Carlton Flowers. He will never know this side of glory what he has meant to me over the years. I regularly think of him. He was my first pastor as a believer. I have very few memories except getting saved there and him letting me lead singing on occasions as an eight year old boy.

The following week on May 13, 1962 I was baptized in Mill Creek along with several others. Several years ago I was able to visit the site with Betty. I can't explain how sweet it felt to be at the place where it all began.

Do you know that you have been saved, born again, had your sins forgiven? The most important decision anyone ever makes is to accept or reject what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary. He died in our place paying for our sin debt. If you have not come to a place that you will admit your need of being rescued from the mess you made then I hope you will today. Trust Jesus.

Tomorrow I will preach here for a wonderful man of God, Tom Jansto. He will never understand how much it means to me to be preaching in the pulpit from which I first heard the message of God's grace proclaimed. Thank you my kind friend.

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