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The mission will go on!

"Dictators come and go, kingdoms rise and fall, civilizations wax and wane; but the worldwide mission of the church will continue to the end of the age in spite of all the vicissitudes of world history.

When one door closes, another will open.

If Western missionaries become personae non gratae, non-Western missionaries will be raised up to take their place.

If all expatriate missionaries are expelled from a given country, there will be the indigenous church to carry on. If the indigenous church is forced underground there will still remain the Spirit of God, who dwells not in temples made with hands but in the hearts of His people.

It is one thing to get rid of the visible church, it is quite another to get rid of the Almighty God. Heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool, It is impossible to banish Him from any part of His domain. The Christian mission is here to stay -- until the end of the age, however long that may be." from the Christian Missions in Biblical Perspective by J Herbert Kane page 254

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