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The Key to Prosperity

Genesis 39:21-23

  1. Joseph was living under very adverse conditions

  2. He had lost everything and all position that he had once had

  3. His own family had turned against him

  4. He had been sold into slavery

  5. He had been falsely accused and condemned without even a trial

  6. He is in jail or prison for a crime he did not commit

  7. He has no family, no friend, no one to rescue him

  8. His prosperity didn't mean that he would necessarily be where he wanted to be or be doing what he wanted to do

  9. He was a prosperous man 39:2

  10. Most of us have our own opinion of what it means to prosper

  11. Achieving economic success

  12. Attaining a desired end or state of good fortune

  13. God obviously had another idea about prosperity

  14. God’s blessing in spite of circumstances

  15. God’s blessings on right attitudes and hard work regardless of conditions

  16. Joseph prospered as a slave 39:3

  17. Joseph prospered even in jail 39:23

  18. Most would probably not have thought of Joseph as prospering but God said He was prospering him

  19. III.The focus of his life story is the work of the Lord in his life

  20. The Lord was with Joseph 39:2, 3, 21, 23

  21. The Lord made all that he did to prosper 39:3, 23

  22. The Lord blessed even the Egyptian because of Joseph 39:5

  23. The reason that Joseph found favor and mercy in the jail was that the Lord was with him 39:21

  24. The word Lord is found 8 times in this chapter 39:2, 3, 5, 21, 23

  25. His prosperity is really found in his relationship to the Lord God of Heaven

  26. Truths to remember

  27. Prosperity did not mean that he wasn’t working very hard--both in Potiphar’s house and in the prison

  28. He was trustworthy even when things weren't going his way

  29. He had learned to deal with rejection and apparent failure

  30. He never knows or has any idea that things are going to take a turn for the better--he just enjoys the blessings of God where he is

  31. Prosperity isn’t what men see as prosperity but rather what God sees as prosperity

  32. The central figure in the story isn’t Joseph but rather the Lord who is doing everything

  • Do you have a wrong concept or idea of what it means to prosper?

  • Do you focus on your circumstances in comparison to what you want rather than whatever God has in mind for your life?

  • Have you lost your joy because things aren’t turning out like you wanted or expected?

  • Who is the central figure in your story?

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