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The Doubtful Mind

Luke 12:29 And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.

The doubtful mind makes us miserable (anxious, worried, in suspense). It produces fear in us. In I John 4:18, we see that love casts out fear. Doubt causes anxiety, and fear causes torment. When we fear, that shows that we have not grown to full maturity in Christ.

Someone said that doubt is the vacuum left when there is no love or faith. Mark 4:35-40. Doubt makes us unstable. James 1:5-8. Our doubt causes us not to receive anything from God. God never intended for us to be overcome by the world. I John 5:4. Very clearly, the doubtful mind hinders God’s work. Matthew 13:58

God’s work hinges on our faith or doubt Matthew 21:21-22 It is shocking to think about the fact that Jesus could do no mighty work there because of their unbelief. Mark 6:5-6. We must believe in our heart Mark 11:22-23

When the Jews, God’s people, doubted God, He chose to work with other nationalities like The widow of Sarepta Luke 4:25-26, Naaman the leper Luke 4:27, The Roman Centurion Matthew 8:5-10, The woman of Canaan Matthew 15:21-28, A wicked woman Luke 7:36-50.

What causes us to doubt?

Maybe we are too close to be blessed or have become accustomed to the things of God. Matthew 13:53-58

Maybe they wanted an explanation—why did you do it for them and not for us. Luke 4:14-32

Maybe we feel that we deserve different or better treatment than we are getting Luke 4:14-32—they were offended.

Maybe we believe he would do it for someone else, just not for me.

Regardless our goal must be to confess our doubt and begin to believe God and expect Him to do great things in our lives and ministries.

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