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The Church Planter 2

Church planting is about a man! Literally God always uses a man. Elmer Towns said; “A great church is always caused, it never just happens." “One of the greatest tasks a man can do today is start a church.’ Throughout Bible history every time God wanted to do something He raised up a man. When Cornelius wanted to be saved the angels weren’t even allowed to share the gospel with him rather God said send for a man. That is God’s way and so when He wants to reach people He calls men to start new churches. The modern day Biblical hero in many ways is the church planter. He dares to do what very few will ever do. He knows that starting a church is one of the most important jobs he could ever be called to do. He is willing to risk it all to start a church. There are several questions you need to ask yourself: Have you learned the basic steps of Christianity? Do you have the physical endurance to visit hour after hour, pray, study, preach, counsel? Do you have the emotional endurance to not crack up when your young converts deny the faith? Are you willing to study and learn the thousand things you will need to know to build a church? Are you wiling to be so hard headed that you will say that you will not give up no matter the cost?

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