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The ball is in your court

Now we have been going through this for days. You might think that the person you are dealing with will never do so much. I have found over the years that they will if they truly love God and want to do right. They will especially do it if you love them and they are sure that you are doing it all for their best and their good. They want to know if you love them and really believe in them. Now what do you do if the person is not willing to follow through? Well what I do is explain to them the phrase, the ball is in your court! That means that I love you and I want to help you. I came to you. Now I will help you and continue helping you if you really want help to serve and honor God. I tell them that they can be stronger than ever if they allow God to take this failure and turn it into a victory. I tell them that I will be there for them but they must do their part. I explain that I can not make them do right. It has to first be a work of God in their heart and secondly something that they truly want. I will go after them over and over until they reject me but if they refuse to follow through on the discipline then that means that I did not throw them out but that they threw themselves out. The ball is in your court. Will you respond and do what God wants you to do? I meet with them time and time again. Actually after their sin we may be closer to each other than we have ever been before. Are you willing to love them when they do not deserve to be loved? Are you willing to go after the lost sheep and bring them back to the fold?

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