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Teaching the twelve

It was with the Twelve that Jesus taught his most important lessons:

• What true greatness means (Mark 9:35)

• What love looks like (John 13:1–38)

• How to spread the gospel in word and deed (Luke 10; Mark 9)

Moreover, many of the high points in Jesus’ life and ministry occurred exclusively with the Twelve:

• When the crowds didn’t understand a parable, he shared the meaning with his disciples (Mark 4:34).

• He revealed his power to the Twelve when he calmed the wind and the waves (Matt. 8:23–27).

• After he fed the five thousand, the Twelve were the only ones left (John 6:67).

• He predicted his arrest and death to the Twelve (Matt. 20:17–19).

• He shared private information with the Twelve (John 13–17).

• He ate his Last Supper with the Twelve (Matt. 26:20).

• He sent out the Twelve and debriefed with them only (Luke 9:1–11).

• After the resurrection, he appeared specifically to the Twelve before appearing to others (Luke 24:30–36; 1 Cor. 15:5).

Bobby Harrington, Discipleship That Fits

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