• W. Austin Gardner

Teaching at the Our Generation Training Center

Photo by scott dukette on Unsplash

The professor must learn how to deal with failure, lack of motivation, etc., in his student's life.

The professor must constantly be studying and preparing himself so that the student sees in the professor what he wants to become

The professor must provide an environment of power and growth so that the student can learn from the environment what he can do in the ministry for the Lord.

Determine that you are only a success as you make them a success. Use your ministry to build them and not them to build your ministry.

Enter into a love relationship with them until they know that you would do whatever they ask or need. Be there for them. Let them know that you have this relationship with them.

Be willing to invest in them both time, money, energy, everything you have and are.

Never criticize them behind their back others may do so, but you love them and help them.

Use every minute to be teaching them, motivating them, directing the conversation so that mentoring, training, discipling is taking place.

Decide never to be alone again. Someone will always be with you.

Do a study of how Jesus spent time with the disciples and taught them.

Required reading is Mentoring for Mission and several other discipleship books.

Don't expect things from them; tell them. Don't beat around the bush. Tell them what you expect and why.

You must sacrifice your family, your time, yourself, or this ministry is not possible.

You motivate by what you are, not by what you do.

Do not be jealous of others that God will use in their life. Do not be afraid to get them to others that will edify them and carry them further than you.

Optional month trip to approved countries gains up to a total of 9 hours credit.

Students must make a trip overseas for the six-month training that will equal one year or 32 hours of college credit. Mission's courses will be taught on the field.

Get in visiting preachers to do a modular course on a subject that they are strong in