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Sunday school Evangelism

  1. Use the Sunday Schools as a way to evangelize our area.

  2. Continually look for prospects that you can get to be part of your Sunday school class

  3. Put all on your list of prospects so that you continue visiting them till they become part of your class

  4. Get all involved

  5. Look for opportunities to love the child

  6. Share the gospel with them at every possible opportunity

  7. Disciple them to spiritual maturity in Christ

  8. Teach them all the basics of Christian growth

  9. To be baptized

  10. Pray

  11. Read their Bible

  12. Share their faith

  13. Give

  14. Be faithful to all worship services

  15. Get them involved in all the church activities.

  16. Help them reach their friends with the gospel and get them in church

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