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Studd on adapting to culture

Oh Scilla, in China it is a life and death struggle. If we don’t really die daily, our souls will, and we shall have to be shelved. Let us rather go home broken down in health than broken down spiritually. Yes, by God’s grace we will live Captain Soul and Lieutenant Body, and if need be we will die Captain Soul and Lieutenant Body.

Scilla darling, let us be in travail for these Chinese. Oh, Holy Ghost, leave us not alone, stir us up and that continually. Quicken us, O Lord, and make us to run in the way of Thy commandments.

“I stick to the Chinese food by myself, and the Lord has just given me a huge big blessing through taking the stand. You can little imagine how the devil tried ever so hard to get me to cave in and go the easy path. It was a cross having to go and tell the T——s that I was not going to feed with them.

I feel more than ever that I have done the right thing. I went to lunch with them, and everything there just confirmed me in living Chinese and in wanting to get lower and lower; and I could not help thinking, Why, these poor Chinese must think we foreigners think a lot of our stomachs.

I feel it must be a bit awkward for the T——s, for the different styles must bring thoughts up to them, with their table-cloths, napkins, foreign ware and food, whilst I have naught but my bowl and chopsticks. No table-cloths and napkins for us, old girlie!”

Norman Grubb, C T Studd

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