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Showing Real Friendship

II Samuel 1:26 I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: Very pleasant hast thou been unto me:

Thy love to me was wonderful, Passing the love of women.

Jonathan and David had an extremely close friendship. This friendship was not based on getting or gaining something from the friend. Rather than seeking something, Jonathan came giving. Jonathan gave what was precious to him.

As a friend, Jonathan saw what David needed to do the job ahead of him. He gave him clothes that would cause people to see Jonathan's love. Jonathan gave David his weapons. Weapons were in short supply, but as a good friend, Jonathan sought the best for his friend, David. I Samuel 18:4

Jonathan was there for his friend and willing to do anything needed to help David. All David had to do was ask. Jonathan didn't even wait for David to ask before he made the offer. I Samuel 20:4

Jonathan informed David of the danger that his dad was trying to work on David. Jonathan protected his friend at significant risk to himself. I Samuel 19:2

Jonathan defended David publicly even though it might mean his destruction. Jonathan wanted to have David restored to a good relationship with all in the kingdom. I Samuel 19:4

Jonathan preferred to suffer personally rather than see David suffer. He was a friend that stuck closer than a brother. He was not a fair-weather friend or one that walked out when things got complicated. I Samuel 20:13

Jonathan saw what God was going to do with David before anyone else had seen it. He recognized God's work and blessings on David's life. He knew that God was going to give David great victory I Samuel 20:15

Jonathan developed a friendship covenant with David. They swore allegiance to each other. Their friendship was far more than a convenience, I Samuel 20:17

Jonathan stood up for David, his friend, so much that his dad wanted to kill him. Saul threw a spear at Jonathan, I Samuel 20:32-33

If Saul wanted to insult David, it hurt Jonathan so severely that he chose not to go for food and fellowship. He grieved that his friend would be so insulted. He felt David's shame.

Jonathan was there for David when David's life was in great danger. Jonathan risked his own life and security for his friend. He was there in the dark moments to encourage David. He knew what God's will was for David, even if it meant damaging his family relationship. I Samuel 23:16-17

Jonathan was ready to be David's second man instead of taking his rightful throne. That is a deep love that he felt. I Samuel 23:17

What sort of friend have I been? How am I expressing my friendship? Are there any lessons that can be learned from studying the friendship of David and Jonathan?

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