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Serious Predicaments

Carey realized he was in a serious predicament. Faithfulness to his family was a very marked feature of his character, as his future life abundantly proved. His mission dream had never weaned him from devotion to wife, home, and children. It had ‘never choked the springs of warm affection in him’. He would ‘oh, so much sooner have fondled than smitten’ his family circle. Like Abraham so long before, he dreaded the altar building, the wood laying, and the disclosure of the secret to his loved one.

Dorothy Carey could not be passive as Isaac. Her husband’s decision took her breath away. She resisted, and she rebelled. She would not agree to his going. Yet he could not surrender. He felt, like Bunyan, that ‘he was pulling down his home on wife, children, and himself; yet he had to do it; he had to do it.’ ‘He that loveth wife or child more than me is not worthy of me.’ He had heard the clear call, and had pledged his obedience. It would be dishonourable not to tell Harvey Lane the very next Sunday. He could not bear to have them first learn what had happened from others. Though it cost such tears, he was bound to seem ruthless. Oh, the loneliness of these two devoted hearts as -

There rolled between them both the sea.

S Pearce Carey, William Carey

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