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Seeing the Glory of the Lord

Leviticus 9:6, 23-24; 10:3; 9-10

  • The central truth of the chapter is that God would appear to them in His glory

  • Obedience is the key to God’s blessing and showing His glory 9:6

  • The word commanded, is used 5 times in chapter 9

  • The word commanded, is used 4 times in chapter 10

  • You will notice that blessings come after obedience in chapter 9:22-23

  • There is no public or other ministry until you as the priest are sanctified

  • Remember that in the New Testament we do not have priests rather we are all priests

  • The offerings were the due of the men of God 10:13-14

  • The men of God were not to drink alcohol when they when to serve God 10:9

  • God wanted their minds clear to be able to make right decisions 10:10

  1. Aaron and his sons make their first offerings or sacrifices

  2. On the 8th day Aaron makes two offerings for him and his sons

  3. Since Aaron, his sons and all priests are imperfect they have to offer for themselves before they offer for others. Hebrews 7:27, 25-28

  4. A young calf for a sin offering 9:2

  5. The sin offering is for forgiveness of sins

  6. The sin offering represents them getting right with God on a daily basis before they do the work of God

  7. A ram for a burnt offering 9:2

  8. The burnt offering says that they are totally committed, consecrated, dedicated to God

  9. They identify themselves with the offering by putting their hands on its head before they put it on the altar

  10. Then Aaron makes an offering for the people of Israel 9:3-4

  11. Not only must God’s men be sanctified to worship and serve Him but also the congregation

  12. A kid of the goats for a sin offering-to get sin atoned for and get right with God

  13. A calf and a lamb for a burnt offering-to express their total dedication to the Lord

  14. A bullock and a ram for a peace offering--their fellowship offering--things are right with God and each other

  15. A meat or meal offering--dedication of their material goods to the Lord

  16. The order of these sacrifices is very important-before we can minister to others we must sacrifice or deal with our own sins

  17. They were to obey if they wanted to see God’s glory

  18. When they finish all the ceremony of ordination-consecration then God will show His glory

  19. God’s glory was key showing them God’s presence and blessing

  20. God’s glory filled the tabernacle Exodus 40:34-38

  21. God’s glory filled the temple II Chronicles 7:2

  22. Horrible day when the glory of God departs I Samuel 4:21-22

  23. God showing His glory depended on their obedience 9:6

  24. Modern man has refused to glorify God and rather chooses to not glorify Him as God Romans 1:21, 23

  25. Aaron blesses the people of God 9:22-23

  26. After all the sacrifices and the obedience to how God wanted things done Aaron blessed the people 9:22

  27. That was after the sacrifice as he came down from making the offerings

  28. All of our blessings today are dependent on the finished work-sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross Ephesians 1:3-7

  29. Aaron’s blessing is probably the one recorded in Numbers 6:23-26

  30. Then Moses and Aaron go in the tabernacle and again bless the people

  31. The first blessing is the one given because of the finished work on the cross

  32. The second may have to do with their fellowship with God

  33. Going into and coming out of the tabernacle

  34. The leaders, the people in a right relationship with each other, and God

  35. God’s glory appeared to all the people 9:23-24

  36. Now after the obedience and the blessing God’s glory appears 9:23

  37. Then fire comes out and consumes the offerings

  38. This is real it is not a ceremony, not a ritual-He is real

  39. The people saw, shouted, and fell on their faces

  40. In the New Testament, the glory of God is seen when Jesus was born Luke 2:8-9

  41. That glory dwelt in Jesus John 1:14

  42. Today the Holy Spirit dwells in us and we are to give God glory through our lives I Corinthians 6:19-20

  43. Notice the reaction of worship

  44. They shouted and the fell

  45. Psalms 2:11- we reverence and rejoice

  46. Danger looms the minute we forget that we are worshiping a Holy God

  47. Don’t become to familiar with the things of God--the boys problem!

  48. God’s glory is not to be played with 10:1-3

  49. Nadab and Abihu’s sin

  50. It was not their job or place to handle the sacrifice--it was for the high priest Aaron Exodus 30:7-10

  51. They used the wrong instruments to make the sacrifice Exodus 40:9

  52. They acted at the wrong time --only the Day of Atonement 16:1

  53. They weren't given authority nor did they seek authority to make the sacrifice

  54. They used strange fire or unauthorized and wrong 16:12

  55. They had wrong motives instead of seeking God’s glory and doing what He wanted they wanted glory 10:3

  56. They may have been consuming alcohol and so under control of the wrong spirit Ephesians 5:18, 10:9-10

  57. Aaron was not allowed to mourn the death of his sons 10:3-11

  58. He was continue doing his ministry 10:6-7

  59. Others could mourn and the family could bury them

  60. A public statement may be that God and His will is more important even than my family

  61. God is severe in His judgement

  62. Achan Joshua 7

  63. Uzzah II Samuel 6:1-7

  64. Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5

  65. Personal applications

  66. We live under grace and do not have the list of rules but should realize that God is serious about His worship and His glory

  67. We serve Him but on His terms and cleansed of our sins and walking in fellowship with Him

  68. We must be careful not to do the work of God in the flesh-no strange fire I Peter 2:5, II Timothy 3:5

  69. The purpose in our worship and service is His glory not our good 10:3

  70. Privileges of service bring great responsibility Luke 12:48, James 3:1

  71. Let’s not play with the things of God

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