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Secret to Missionary Success

These following suggestions come with the understanding that first of all is our spiritual life. We are saved and certain of our salvation. We are walking with God in a tenderness to the Holy Spirit’s leading and promptings.

Also there should be the understanding that we work at our marriage and family relationship. If we lose our family we lose everything.

So above and beyond the normal Christian life we want to consider some things that have to do with the work the missionary does on the field.

The missionary should raise sufficient support. The work should not be hindered because of a lack of raising needed funds. So raising the money and then learning to do financial planning and a budget are a must.

The missionary that enjoys success on the field will really learn the language. That means dedicating the time necessary to really understand the language and speak it intelligently.

The missionary must also really work at learning the culture and adapting to it. If we do not adapt we will fail. Failing to adapt to the culture is the same as rejecting the culture. Rejecting the culture is rejecting the people.

Successful missionaries learn to respect national leaders with the same degree of respect they would show to the leaders in their native country. The national church and national leadership must be treated like we would want to be treated.

The successful missionary learns to not disparage the country where he is serving. He will also learn to not lift his national heritage in their faces.

Use everything in you and all that God gives you to truly benefit the work. The goal is training men and multiple church planting. That will require real discipline and hard work.

And we never forget that we are to maintain our walk with the Lord Jesus above all else. Time in the Word of God and prayer is never a waste.

God wants to bless you for His honor and glory. I challenge you to decide now how you will live and honor God on the field where He called you.

Check out the Society of Mentors. This is a meeting of mentors who desire to personally grow while continually impacting others with reaching the world with the gospel.

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