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Requirements for Spiritual Leadership

Leviticus 22:30-33, 21-22

  • There was and is a high price to pay to be a spiritual leader

  • The priests had to be an example in every way to the rest of the nation

  • Instead of living up to what God expected they lowered themselves to the level of the people Hosea 4:8-9

  • Instead of bringing God’s people up, they went down to their level

  • God wanted things done His way because it was worship towards Him

  • He reminds them 8 times -I am the Lord 21:12, 22:2, 3, 8, 30, 31, 32, 33

  • He says 5 times I the Lord 21:8, 15, 23, 22:9, 16

  1. They had to be blameless 21:1-15

  2. The restrictions on others that were not in the ministry were much less

  3. Today we are all priests

  4. Remember this saying, others may, I cannot!

  5. They had to be careful how they dealt with death and mourning

  6. They could not express their grief like the lost people did 21:5

  7. Cut their hair

  8. Shave off part of their beards

  9. Cut their flesh

  10. These forms of expression were like the worship of false gods I Kings 18:28

  11. We also do not sorry as others who have no hope I Thessalonians 4:13

  12. They had to be careful how they married

  13. They could not marry a prostitute, a non-virgin-profane, or divorcee 21:7

  14. It could possibly have brought into the ministry a child that wasn’t of the tribe of Levi

  15. We are commanded in the New Testament to be careful who we marry-not to marry lost people II Corinthians 6:14-16

  16. A Pastor, Missionary, or spiritual leader has had standards for marriage and family

  17. He must be married to only one woman

  18. He has to rule well his own house I Timothy 3:4-5

  19. He must have his children under control I Timothy 3:4-5

  20. He must have faithful children Titus 1:6

  21. His children can't be accused of being unmanageable Titus 1:6

  22. How many men of God are out of the ministry because they were not careful about who they married--important for all but super important for those that would be in the ministry because they are ruling the house of God I Timothy 3:5

  23. They had to be careful how they dealt with sin in their own family

  24. If his daughter played the whore she was to be burnt 21:9

  25. The man of God was not to even show his sorrow 10:6

  26. The higher level of ministry that the man had the more that was expected of him 21:4, 10-others could mourn he couldn’t

  27. Spiritual leadership is no game and is not to be played with James 3:1

  28. They had to be without blemish 21:16-24

  29. Since the priests that entered the tabernacle represented Jesus they were required many things that were very hard

  30. If they had physical defects they could do other things but not in the tabernacle-they could enjoy the blessings but were withheld from tabernacle service

  31. Birth defects or even injury could keep them from service

  1. They had to have the right attitude

  2. They were to separate themselves from the holy things

  3. That meant treating them with respect

  4. To be careful how they handled them

  5. If they weren't careful they would turn a sacred ritual into a shallow routine

  6. We can't just go through the motions of ministry without a heart for the ministry

  7. The priest had to be careful to be clean when he touched the things of God or dealt with His worship 22:3-9

  8. Who would know but him?

  9. Would he be willing not to participate when no one knew

  10. Would he be willing to be honest, and transparent enough to say that he didn't deserve to minister that day?

  11. Paul spoke of taking care of his conscience

  12. Keeping a clear conscience Acts 24:16

  13. Simplicity and godly sincerity II Corinthians 1:12

  14. Renouncing hidden things II Corinthians 4:2

  15. Be careful that your conscience doesn’t lose all sensitivity I Timothy 4:2

  16. A right attitude about holy things meant the willingness to say no 22:10-16

  17. No stranger, traveler, or servant could eat the holy thing 22:10

  18. His own daughter couldn’t eat if she married out 22:12

  19. He had to have great respect for the offerings of God

  20. He had to be strict about the offerings 22:17-33

  21. The offering had to be without blemish 22:19

  22. It had to be perfect 22:21

  23. It could not be hurt, damaged, etc 22:22-24

  24. God’s worship had to be done God’s way

  25. The priest had to be strong enough to tell the people this is the way it is going to be

  26. He has to be careful to never become calloused to the ministry to make a profession out of it-it is not his way to make money

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