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repeated anointings

We cannot turn from this second anointing without emphasizing the obvious lesson that at each great crisis of our life, and especially when standing on the threshold of some new and enlarged sphere of service, we should seek and receive a fresh anointing to fit us to fulfil its fresh demands. There should be successive and repeated anointings in our life-history as our opportunities widen out in ever-increasing circles. It is a mistake to be always counting back to an anointing which we have received; we must be anointed with fresh oil. When leaving the school for the college, and again when stepping forth from the college to the first cure of souls; when standing at the altar to become a wife, and again when bending over the cradle of the first babe; when summoned to public office in Church or State—each new step should be characterized by a definite waiting on God, that there may be a fresh enduement of power, a recharging of the spirit with his might.

F. B. Meyer, David: Shepherd, Psalmist, King, Scripture Biographies (London: Morgan and Scott Ltd., 1910), 138–139.

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