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Preparing our hearts for the call of God

We must thus prepare our hearts for the call of God. For this we make several suggestions:

1. Make sure your body has become a living and sanctified sacrifice unto the Lord (Ro 12:1–2).

2. Make sure there is no conscious sin dulling your spiritual ear and spiritual sight (Eph 1:18; Col 1:9).

3. Make sure there are no preconceived personal plans and preferences (Ps 25:9).

4. Make sure you obey God daily and gladly in the little things of everyday life. Practice obedience to God and man (Lk 19:17; 1 Sa 15:22).

5. Make sure you are willing to go and to be used anywhere (Jn 7:17).

6. Form the habit of daily prayer, Bible study, and private meditations before the Lord (Josh 1:8; Ps 77:12; 119:15, 25, 45).

7. Form the habit of waiting patiently upon the Lord and expect Him to direct every step of your everyday life and doing (Pr 3:6; Ps 23:3).

8. Study carefully the Word of God relative to the purposes of God for the Christian life and the Christian church. Get saturated with the Word of God (Ps 119:11, 104–5).

9. Study carefully the great spiritual needs of our day and prepare to meet them. Get a world vision and a world burden (Jn 4:35).

10. Spend much time in intercessory prayer for the cause and ministry of Christ at home and abroad (Mt 9:37–38).

11. Pray regularly and earnestly that God will make His will and call definite to you (Ps 25:4; 27:11; 143:8).

12. Rest assuredly in the promises of God and expect Him to meet you according to your need. He will make His will and calling sure (Ps 37:5, 7a; 32:8).

The clarity, depth and definiteness of the call of God will depend to a great extent upon the quality of the heart, the intensity of our fellowship with the Lord, and the degree of our willingness to obey the Master in His command and commission.

George W. Peters, A Biblical Theology of Missions (Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1972), 278–279.

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