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Practical Holiness

Leviticus 17-20

  1. Holy blood 17

  2. Rules about animals killed for food

  3. They were to bring the animal to the altar 17:4

  4. If they took the animal to the altar to the priest 17:5

  5. That means that God got the first part of their food Matthew 6:33

  6. The priest would be taken care of because he also ate of the sacrifice

  7. They would not be offering sacrifices unto devils 17:7-9

  8. Not taking the sacrifice to the altar meant you were cut off 17:4, 9

  9. Cut off-could have meant anything from excommunicated to death

  10. No eating of blood or dead animals

  11. Blood was to be treated in a very special manner

  12. They couldn’t eat or drink it 17:10

  13. Even hunting they had to cover the blood with dust 17:13

  14. Eating something that died and wasn’t killed correctly made you unclean 17:15-16

  15. Blood was very special 17:11

  16. He gave the blood to make an atonement for our souls

  17. The life of the flesh is in the blood 17:14

  18. The believer’s attitude towards blood, it is the blood of Jesus that is so important

  19. The church was purchased by His blood Acts 20:28

  20. We are justified by His blood Romans 5:9

  21. We are redeemed by His blood Ephesians 1:7

  22. We are made nigh or nearby the blood Ephesians 2:13

  23. We are sanctified or made holy by His blood Hebrews 13:12

  24. We are cleansed by His blood I John 1:7

  25. We are washed by His blood Revelation 1:5

  26. Holy Sex 18

  27. God has the authority to tell us what to do I am your God 18:2, 4

  28. He uses the term I am the Lord 42 times in Leviticus 18-26

  29. He does not want us to do what the world does or the other countries of Egypt and Canaan 18:3

  30. He is telling us this for our own good 18:4

  31. Today as Israel we should realize that we are not to follow the world’s ways of treating sex-they and we live in a very perverse sexual environment

  32. Not to uncover nakedness of our kin or no incest 18:6-18

  33. Speaking of having sexual relations

  34. Also would have to include modesty

  35. How often do God’s people show themselves in a sexually explicit or insinuating manner?

  36. Not to commit adultery 18:20

  37. Not to have homosexual relations 18:22

  38. Bestiality is a sin 18:23

  39. Sexual sins pervert a country, defile a land 18:24-28

  40. If God got so angry with a pagan nation what is His attitude with His people that commit these perversions 18:29-30

  41. Practical law 19

  42. The law is personal with God

  43. My Sabbaths 19:3, 30

  44. My name 19:12

  45. My statutes 19:19, 37

  46. My sanctuary 19:30

  47. My judgments 19:37

  48. Honor the Sabbath

  49. The Sabbath was a sign between God and Israel Exodus 31:13, 17

  50. Violating the Sabbath brought the death penalty Numbers 15:32-36

  51. Don't make or have idols because I am your God 19:4

  52. Worship God’s way 19:5-8

  53. Be careful how you use God’s name 19:12

  54. How to treat others

  55. Respect your parents 19:3

  56. The poor and foreigners 19:9-10

  57. Don't lie or steal 19:11

  58. Pay wages on the day and do not wait until tomorrow 19:13

  59. Treat the handicapped well 19:14

  60. Treat all alike, rich or poor 19:15

  61. Don't be a gossip 19:16

  62. Treat your neighbor right 19:16-17

  63. Do not have hate and vengeance in your heart 19:17-18

  64. Do not have sex outside of marriage 19:20-22

  65. Holy Judgments or Penalties

  66. Molech was the god of the Ammonites

  67. They sacrificed their children to this God

  68. Lack of love for their children

  69. Whoring or committing whoredom when they worshipped or sought false gods

  70. Death penalty crimes

  71. Cursing or striking your parents 20:9, Exodus 21:15, 17

  72. Committing adultery 20:10

  73. Incest 20:11-12

  74. Homosexuality 20:13

  75. Bestiality 20:15-16

  76. Occult practices 20:27

  77. God did not want His people walking like those of the world 20:23

  78. He wanted them to put a difference between clean and unclean 20:25

  79. He wanted them to live a holy life 20:26

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