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Passages to renew our minds

Here is a list of passages that I feel are simply essential to help someone that has fallen. Do not be legalistic about it but help them through the process. I will explain in another post what to do if someone refuses to follow these steps. James 1:21--the basis for the whole process Romans 12:2 another base verse Philippians 4:8 Control your thoughts Romans 5:20 No matter how much I fail him he has more grace than I have sin Psalms 32--David confesses his sin under inspiration of the Spirit and so we know this is a good passage to learn the heart of a forgiven one when he confesses. Psalms 51 is the most obvious passage Romans 6, 7, 8 this will take a long time but that is fine. As long as their heart and mind is consumed with the Scripture they will not be going back to sin. I think it was D L Moody that said that sin will keep you from the book or the book will keep you from sin. Ephesians 4:17-31 Tells you what to replace your sin with Colossians 3:1:17 Tells you how to live the new life you are called to I would then have them to memorize any particular passage that might deal with their sin in particular. This is by no means exhaustive so do not stop here but it is a good start.

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