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Our ministry in our church!

  1. I ask you to serve in a sort of pastoral role, some would call it elders not just deacons

  2. Deacons are typically just servants that take care of the physical needs in a church

  3. The building

  4. The benevolence fund

  5. Other ministries like these

  6. Elders are more like pastoral staff

  7. They worry about the spiritual aspects of a church

  8. They carry even more responsibility

  9. I want our deacons to be a hybrid ministry.

  10. Not just workers but leaders

  11. Not just taking care of physical but doing the ministry also

  12. I hope you will help be responsible for the entire membership

  13. Know our members

  14. Find out about their salvation, their baptism, their families

  15. Their lives and families are our responsibility

  16. I ask you to be involved in foundations and our discipleship ministry

  17. I ask you to be teaching the Bible to as many in as many places as you can

  18. I ask you to be watching our people and following up on the members that miss, are sick, need counseling etc

  19. We should all share the gospel every the Lord will open us a door

  20. I see the Lord’s supper as one of the honors given in our church that you would be able to participate and help our church see the importance of it

  21. I hope you see every ministry of Vision as your ministry and important to our church and you

  22. Sooner or later we will have senior citizens and or shut ins in our church and they will be your responsibility also

  23. You are the hospitality ministry of Vision

  24. I challenge you to always be an example to the church

  25. In your family

  26. In your giving

  27. In your faithfulness

  28. In your service

  29. In your attitude

  30. In your love

  31. I ask you to help me figure out how to minister to our community

  32. I ask that you always see Vision as your church, your ministry, your responsibility

  33. Protect the church

  34. Stand strong when needed for doctrine and truth

  35. Even pastors are to be accountable and if not then they don't need to be our pastor

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