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Our Ministry as Deacons

  1. Discussing our ministry

  2. Obviously in a leadership position with pastor Philippians 1:1 Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi, with the bishops and deacons:

  3. Basically the same requirements as the bishop I Timothy 3:8-13

  4. The first mention of deacons was as church problem solvers Acts 6:1-6

  5. The deacon was appointed to serve the church in any area of need that might arise.

  6. The deacon was called to a supportive role in the spiritual ministry of the church.

  7. The effectiveness of the deacon’s service was determined by the measure of his commitments and faithfulness.

  8. The deacon was expected to serve the church by the example of his character as well as by his deeds.

  9. Ideas on how to effectively solve problems

  10. Seek God’s will through the Scripture and prayer, and discussing with other godly men

  11. Be objective, don't let this be a personality thing

  12. Take everyone seriously, they are all equal in the body of Christ

  13. Be understanding

  14. Keep your perspective on the problem, keep it small, don't exaggerate it

  15. Be positive

  16. Deacons should

  17. Serve in the power of the Holy Spirit

  18. Deacons will probably grow in grace through conflict, problems, things that drive them to their knees and the Word

  19. We can’t be angry and defensive but rather willing to listen and learn even from those that would confront us

  20. We can’t use the power that we have from our position

  21. We have to be willing to admit we are wrong

  22. We have to be forgivers and teach others to forgive

  23. There are things in the qualifications that we always want to be working on

  24. Keeping a good testimony in front of all

  25. Growing and strengthening our family, leading our wife lovingly

  26. Good communication with our wives

  27. Not put ourselves in compromising situations

  28. Be in the Word and prayer as we lead our families

  29. Not be lazy in our ministry, our lives so that temptation finds a way in

  30. Be accountable to others especially if we are dealing with a problem or temptation

  31. Work on sharing truth, discipleship, teaching others

  32. Prepare others to follow us in every ministry so that our church is constantly growing and growing younger

  33. Servant questions that all in leadership need to prepare for

  34. Can I place God’s work above my own?

  35. Can I put truth above personal popularity?

  36. Can I accept accusations without demanding personal justification?

  37. Can I absorb criticism without passing it on to others?

  38. Can I hear gossip and not speak it to others?

  39. Can I stand up for right although it puts me in the minority?

  40. Can I express my belief and position with humility

  41. Our wives and children are as much part of this as we are

  42. Common causes for church conflict

  43. Disagreements over values and beliefs

  44. Structure is unclear

  45. The pastor’s role and responsibility

  46. Pastor’s leadership style

  47. Not having good communication

  48. Conflict between church people

  49. vii.Finances and giving

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