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  • W. Austin Gardner

Our Generation Training Center Professors

All professors have to have a passion for reaching the world with the gospel message and be living it.

Remember the rule for this type of school is that it is caught not taught. Hot poker philosophy.

All professors have to be willing to answer questions and spend time with the students. The college works on a mentoring—life on life discipleship method.

The pastor or a suitable substitute must be willing to spend much personal time with the student in a son like confrontational style ministry.

The professor must be willing to take the student on trips to meet others and participate in ministries that will open his eyes and make him grow in the Lord.

The professor must earn the right to teach the student.

The goal is not to get the student to memorize facts but to learn where to find the facts and to learn how to study.

Before graduating the student will be acting in the capacity of an assistant pastor and carrying the load so that when sent out of the church he will already be experienced at doing the ministry God has called him to do.

Before finishing the student will have spent a minimal amount of time in every area or ministry of the church so as to have a hands on knowledge of the work and how to accomplish. Not theory but practice.

You must create a thirst and hunger in the student for this relationship and what he can gain. You must work at getting them excited. You have to be excited when you aren’t and when you are tired. You must show them by your life and your investment that you will make them a more successful servant of God by following this plan than any other that exists.

Get your students around every successful man of God you can. Control the conversation so that the students learn and grow.

Teach them to squeeze all the juice from the man when they are with him.

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