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Old Testament Food Laws

Leviticus 11:32-47

These verses form a part of Old Testament health laws that are still applicable worldwide. Good health laws are illustrated in the Word of God.

If a dead body fell on a wooden vessel, or any vessel, clothing, skin, or a sack, it was to be put into water and made to sit there for several hours until the evening before it would be clean.

These verses teach cleanliness that is not practiced in many parts of the world.

Clay or earthen vessels were to be broken. They would be porous and soak up the germs. If something unclean, dirty got on a clay vessel, they would break it and throw it away.

God taught Moses scientific principles long before modern science learned them.

Death might contaminate, so if anything dead touched any container, they would soak it in water till the evening.

They were not to eat food or drink anything that might have touched a contaminated vessel.

If there was flowing water, it could still be clean.

Those who ate contaminated food were to be considered contaminated.

Animals that die unexpectedly were considered too dangerous for consumption.

All Scripture was written for a purpose long before the modern world understood cleanliness. God taught Moses how to keep His people healthy.

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