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No Man left behind!

Genesis 14:11-16

  1. Captive in a war not of his making

  2. Four kings were fighting with five kings 14:9

  3. In the middle of war Lot and his family were taken captive 14:12

  4. Though the war wasn’t his, Lot had made mistakes and placed himself in the wrong place, and was not doing the right thing

  5. Today, our families and friends are also caught in a war that is taking them captives also

  6. Discouragement, divorce, debt, drugs, broken hearts, hurting children, sexual deviants, homosexuality, pornography are all battles that are being fought and good people are being taken captive unaware.

  7. Life without purpose, passion, joy, love

  8. Captives feel like they have been abandoned, unloved, betrayed even by God.

  1. Word of the captive got to his spiritual brother

  2. Who was prepared to make a difference before the fact

  3. His servants were already trained

  4. He had 318 trained servants 14:14

  5. His servants were deeply loyal to Abraham and the cause

  6. They were born in his house

  7. They were equipped or armed

  8. The servants were leaders and could be divided into teams 14:15

  9. Abraham responds immediately even though he has been hurt by Lot.

  10. Abraham responded immediately and won the victory freeing Lot from captivity with all of his family

  1. Abraham knew that God had given Him the victory 14:20

  2. Abraham honored God by tithing 14:20

  3. He sought nothing for himself 14:23

  4. God promises His reward because Abraham refused man’s reward 15:1

  1. Your decision today

  2. Become part of the family and team that will prepare to rescue the captives

  3. Determine to be a soul-winning discipler

  4. Determine to give your life to help rescue others

  5. Together let's train our 318 and go get the captives

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