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Mrs. C. T. Studd

PRISCILLA STEWART went to work with three other ladies in the inland city of Ta-Ku-Tang. C. T. returned to Taiyuen-Fu, in the far North. A lively correspondence went on between them which could only have one end, but Miss Stewart was not too easily persuaded, for the first letter dates from June 9, but the engagement was not till October 5! There was always a controversy as to how it came about. C. T.’s version is this:

“I think there is always a little difficulty as to how it came about. She said I wrote to her; I say she spoke to me, I do not say with her eyes, not with her tongue—she was keeping that in reserve—she spoke with her acts. I did not marry her for her pretty face; I married her for her handsome actions towards the Lord Jesus Christ and those He sent her to save. In fact, I can well remember the afternoon when I was sitting, talking to a missionary in Taiyuen and he twitted me on being engaged to the prettiest girl in all Shanghai. Now that, I tell you in all truth, was an absolute shock to me, for certainly I had never thought of her pretty face. In fact, till this day I verily believe that of all God’s many good gifts, the least of all is good looks.”

Miss Stewart’s version is this:

“If C. T. were here, he would tell you I had proposed to him. I did not: as a matter of fact, for certain reasons I refused him. And when I tell you his answer, you will see it is just characteristic of the man. His reply was, ‘You have neither the mind of God nor the will of God in the matter, but I have. And I intend to marry you whether you will or not, so you had better make up your mind and accept the situation.’ What was I to do? That is the reason why I am Mrs. C. T. to-day.”

Norman Grubb, C T Studd

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