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moving up in the world

Vance Havner gave an illustration in both his preaching and writing which effectively addresses this aspect of the character of one’s prosperity. He said some folk were gathered together visiting when one of them spoke of a mutual acquaintance and said, “He is really moving up in the world.” An elderly lady sitting off in the corner of the room where the group was gathered spoke up and said, “Which world?” That was a very good question. The answer determines whether the success is good or bad. It makes a difference where your prosperity is. So it was with David. His prosperity while in Philistia was all in this world. His prosperity was only material. There was no spiritual prosperity, no spiritual growth or gains in Philistia. All his gains were of and for the flesh.

John G. Butler, David: The King of Israel, vol. Number Fifteen, Bible Biography Series (Clinton, IA: LBC Publications, 1998), 382.

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