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More than lectures

Jesus focused his effort on coaching the Twelve because he was preparing them for a great mission. His preparation was more than a series of lectures; it was a three-year process of life-on-life coaching dealing with personal character, missional skill, and continual spiritual realignment.

This process for development involved at least four phases. First, Jesus invited his followers to come and see (John 1:39). Next, his invitation moved to come and follow me (Mark 1:17). He then asked them to come and be with me (Matthew 11:28). In his final phase of coaching, Jesus commanded them to go to the nations and make disciples and plant new churches.

He empowered his followers with the Holy Spirit and promised to be with them always, commanding them to follow his example in teaching and producing new disciples (Matthew 28:18–20).

Scott Thomas & Tom Wood, Gospel Coach

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