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Ministry Failure

Why had the ministry failed?

Were Moses’ intentions not proper? I think they were.

Was his commitment faulty? I think not.

Was he not qualified? Did he not have enough education? I think it was neither of these.

I think it was that he sought to do the job for God in his own strength.

There is a vast difference between a man doing his best for God and God doing for his glory his normal in a man. Moses set out to do the work of God in the energy of his own flesh and the wisdom of his own intellect.

The work of God is not done that way. Perhaps the greatest weakness of Moses was his strength! He had too much on the ball! Too much influence in high places was his. He had too much ability to encourage him to do the job himself.

He had too many reasons to expect success to succeed in God’s way. God’s strength is made perfect in man’s weakness.

Moses was simply not weak enough!

Many a man is too strong at first for God to use him in God’s own way. There must first come a breaking in which a man learns to find all his strength in Jehovah God.

For forty years Moses learned to trust in God. He faced the nothingness of the flesh for forty years. He had forty years to brood over his abortive ministry until he was content with accepting the fact that he was worth no more than to spend the rest of his life herding a crowd of stupid sheep!

Jack R. Taylor, After the Spirit Comes (Bedford, TX: Burkhart Books, 2013), 87–88.

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