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Marriage Problems and their solutions

Genesis 3:1-24

  1. Leadership: It was Adam’s responsibility to teach Eve what God had commanded

  2. Husbands and fathers, be careful to communicate truth to your family

  3. Teach, show and have them where they can learn important truths for their lives—discipleship and church attendance

  4. You must listen and watch to see if they are learning and applying because failure can bring about horrible consequences

  5. Be exact and do not exaggerate. Exaggeration is not communication nor are threats, insinuations, hints rather tell the truth in love

  6. Communication is what they hear not what you say

  7. Accept your responsibility and live up to it, don’t shift the blame

  8. Follow-ship: It was Eve’s responsibility was to motivate him to teach, to ask, and prompt to learn correctly. His most important role is that of a spiritual leader!

  9. Wives and mothers, be sure to ask and discuss so that you know what is right and do not assume you know

  10. Your husband may not express it correctly because of a lack of interest or assuming you already know or laziness on his part

  11. Your husband needs your questions to grow and assume the leadership God has given him I Corinthians 14:35

  12. Eve should have desired to completely understand God’s commandment to apply it personally and not just follow instructions

  13. Eve should have trusted her husband and God that the reason for the commandment was not to limit her but to free her

  14. Good follow-ship is based on dying to or denying oneself to follow the leader God has placed in authority

  15. Fellowship

  16. Together prepare for the conflict or challenge to what is right that is sure to come

  17. Together you are responsible to teach your children

  18. Be sure you each understand the consequences of your decisions—Life, and its success or failure is the result of a series of decisions

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