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Marriage Mistakes

From the lives of Abraham and Sarah

Genesis 11:29-30

  1. Selfishness

  2. Thinking only in himself

  3. Say you are my sister so they don’t hurt me Genesis 12:11-13,

  4. You are pretty and it will be either you or me that has to suffer 20:1-2, 11

  5. Not willing to protect his wife

  6. If it has to be one of that gets hurt, let's just plan on it being you Genesis 12:14-16, 20:2

  7. It would be better for them to take advantage of you than for me to die—it is just sex

  8. Love is not just being there when it is convenient or easy

  9. Love is an action, not an emotion I Corinthians 13:6-8

  10. Love is giving not taking John 3:16

  1. Failing to fulfill your God-given roles in marriage

  2. Abraham failed as her spiritual leader

  3. He told half-truths Genesis 20:12

  4. He blamed God for failures Genesis 20:13

  5. He doubted God

  6. He used people—his servant and Hagar

  7. He wanted to accomplish spiritual goals in the flesh Genesis 16:2-3

  8. Sarah failed to be his spiritual motivator

  9. She gave bad advice Genesis 16:1-2

  10. She opened the door for another woman to come into their marriage Genesis 16:3-4

  1. Wrong goals

  2. My comfort is more important than anything else

  3. Then his relationship with God

  4. Then his relationship with his wife

  5. A child no matter the cost

  6. God had promised them a son

  7. God seemed to not be able to keep his promise and Abraham offers God a solution—his servant born in his house Genesis 15:3-5

  8. How about the maid Genesis 16:1-6

  9. It seems that he fretted about it so much that they both discussed it

  10. God has had enough time to get things done

  11. Right goals bring God’s blessing in God’s time Matthew 6:33

  12. Wrong goals bring only heartache and are a trap of the devil I Timothy 6:9-10

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