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Looking for a pastor?

A dear godly lady wrote me from another state to asking me if I could help them know what questions to ask a prospective pastor. I have gleaned and edited things that I have read and also found on the internet. The following would be the questions to ask the references you call on behalf of the prospective pastor. In just a few minutes I will add questions to ask the pastor. Sample Questions for References 1. How long have you known this person? 2. How do you know him? What is the nature of your relationship? 3. Have you ever been in his church? 4. What was the occasion? 5. Did you participate in the service? 6. What were your observations and reactions? 7. When was the last time you were there? 8. What did you observe about his relationship with the church leaders? 9. What is his leadership style? 10. Are you aware of any turnovers with the volunteers or problems within the church leadership? 11. What are the areas of emphasis in his ministry? 12. Please analyze his preaching style. 13. What are his study habits? 14. Are you familiar with his pastoral care role? 15. In what area is his pastoral care most effective? 16. What are his greatest, obvious strengths? 17. What do you know about his financial responsibility? 18. How does he handle criticism? . . . conflict? . . . confrontation? 19. Does he have a good sense of humor? 20. Can he take a joke on himself or teasing? 21. How would you rate his administrative skills? 22. In what way does he demonstrate a genuine commitment to missions? 23. What do you know about relationships within his immediate family? 24. Can you tell me of someone that he has personally led to Christ or discipled and is in church today? 25. In his current ministry experience, how has he been involved in the discipleship of others? 26. Is his wife directly involved in his ministry? In what ways? 27. If your church were seeking a pastor and you were on the search committee, would he be your first choice? Why or why not?

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