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Lessons from Noah’s family

Genesis 9:18-29

  1. You can start out right and end up wrong

  2. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, God was pleased with him Genesis 6:8

  3. God was losing patience with the human race Genesis 6:3

  4. Man was extremely wicked, his every imagination was evil continually Genesis 6:5-6

  5. God decided to destroy man Genesis 6:7

  6. Noah lives a total of 350 more years after the flood Genesis 9:28-29

  7. Your leadership will affect the lives of your children

  8. It was his leadership that got them saved and into the work of God

  9. He gets drunk and his son pays the price of his sin, the consequences of his sin affect his son Genesis 9:20-22, 24

  10. God hates nudity even in the family

  11. The story of the fall of Noah’s family Genesis 9:18-29

  12. Even in the tabernacle and serving God in private they were to hide their nakedness Exodus 20:26, 28:42

  13. What is God saying about nakedness here Lev 18

  14. A family can work together Genesis 6:18

  15. The success and the blessing of God doesn’t come overnight, it took 120 years Genesis 6:3

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