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Lessons from Esther

Leaders of women’s groups could elaborate on the following points while dealing with the story of Esther, the strong-minded woman of ancient history —

From her character we learn

1. To seek divine guidance in times of difficulty (4:15-17).

2. To obtain a knowledge of human nature, so that we may know how to take advantage of any circumstances which may favor our cause if it be a proper one.

3. When there is a necessity, to be ready to renounce self and exert ourselves for the good of others.

4. To value and seek the cooperation of fellow-believers.

Dealing with the ultimate safety of the Jews which Esther secured, we learn —

1. To have unbounded confidence in God’s Providence—not to undervalue small things.

2. To acknowledge God as the Author of all mercies.

Thinking of the reversal of fortune of Haman, which Esther brought about, we further learn

1. There is such a thing as righteous retribution. Haman himself received what he had proposed for others. He was paid back in his own coin.

2. The transitory nature of earthly grandeur and the end of all ill-gotten earthly power and possessions.

Photo by Amir Taheri on Unsplash

Herbert Lockyer, All the Women of the Bible (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Academic, 2016).

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