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  • W. Austin Gardner

Learning to Make a Difference

Leviticus 11:47, 11-12

  • The word unclean found 32 times in chapter

  • The word abomination is found 10’s

  • Abomination means Extreme hatred; detestation refers to defilement, pollution

  • Notice unclean unto you 9 times 11:4

  • Abomination unto you 11:11

  • Clean or unclean has nothing to do with the quality of the animal rather what God said about the animal

  • Knowing God makes a difference in every aspect of our lives

  • Though we do not have a list of clean and unclean for the church we can easily see from the Word of God what pleases and grieves Him

  • Special days nor diets can be considered means or the measure of your spirituality Romans 14:1-15:13

  1. Guidelines for knowing what pleased God and what did not please Him

  2. Food 11:1-23

  3. Land animals were to chew the cud and have a split hoof 11:3, 1-8

  4. Fish and seafood had to have fins and scales 11:9, 9-12

  5. Fowls that do not eat dead meat such as vultures 11:13-19

  6. Flying insects were ok while crawlers were unclean 11:20-23

  7. Touching 11:24-43

  8. Not to even touch the carcass or dead body of one of the unclean animal 11:24

  9. Things that were touched by the carcass of the unclean would be unclean 11:32

  10. Earthen vessels had to be broken 11:33

  11. Any water from an unclean vessel makes what it touches unclean 11:34

  12. Seed that is to be sown is clean 11:37

  13. Seed soaked in unclean water becomes unclean 11:38

  14. Amazing medical truths written 4000 years ago

  15. It was the 1860s before Joseph Lister would realize that dirty surgical hands moving germs from one body to the other was causing infection and then death!--You have a God-inspired book in your hands

  16. The guidelines were designed to teach God’s people to discern clean from unclean 11:44-47

  17. Since God is a holy God He wants His people to be a holy people 11:44

  18. The laws He gave had a purpose-to teach them to make a difference between clean and unclean

  19. Parents were to teach these rules to their children Deuteronomy 6:1-9

  20. The men of God were to teach the rules to the people Ezekiel 44:23

  21. It was reasonable that they would follow these rules since God was the one who had brought them out of Egypt 11:45

  22. No other people had such a great God with such great laws Deuteronomy 4:7-8

  23. Real love for God was expressed in their prayer prayed every morning called the Shema Deuteronomy 6:4-5

  24. New Testament Christians are also to walk worthy of their calling-don't forget He also brought us out of sin and death to salvation and life Ephesians 4:1

  25. We are not to walk as other people walk in the vanity of our mind Ephesians 4:17

  26. We still have the First Great Commandment to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind Matthew 22:34-40

  27. We are to walk circumspectly-diligently, accurately understanding the will of God Ephesians 5:15-17

  28. We are to walk as children of the light Ephesians 5:8, Psalm 119:105

  29. We are bought with a price and are to glorify the Lord I Corinthians 6:20, I Peter 1:18-25

  30. The ability to discern the difference is a mark of maturity 11:47

  31. Today God’s people are once again destroyed by a lack of knowledge Hosea 4:5-6

  32. We need to learn to exercise our senses Hebrews 5:14

  33. Always a way to get clean and restored 12:1-8

  34. Childbirth called for separation-probably to prevent infections

  35. Childbirth nor sex was ever dirty or sinful Genesis 1:28

  36. Children are a blessing from the Lord

  37. Joyful mother of children Psalm 113:9

  38. Heritage of the Lord Psalm 127:3-5

  39. Fruitful Vine Psalm 128:3

  40. Crown of old men Proverbs 17:6

  41. The Bible does not tell us why the difference in time for a boy and girl baby

  42. Circumcision was a mark of the covenant-being a part of God’s people

  43. At the end of the separation period, there was a sacrifice

  44. Provisions were made so that poor people could have a sacrifice 12:8

  45. After the sacrifice, they were cleansed

  • We are not to follow the customs of those around us-this world rejects moral absolutes

  • The first step towards disobedience is often “reclassifying” sin and making it acceptable rather than abominable-Warren Wiersbe

  • Church did the most for the world when it was least like the world-G Campbell Morgan

  • Nothing is rarer in the church today than discernment-Vance Havner

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