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Judgment Seat of Christ, In the Name of Jesus, by Adrian Rogers

\I want to tell you something else, dear friend—that when God measures you and He gets ready to reward you, He’s going to reward you for anything that you did rightly in the name of Jesus.

Let me give you a sweet passage. Turn to Matthew chapter 10. Just turn to it with me. Now, let’s look at it—Matthew chapter 10. Let me show you something. You ready for it? Matthew 10, verse 41: “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward”—now, that tells me that a prophet is going to be rewarded, but it also tells me that, if you help the man of God to preach the Word of God, that when the man of God is rewarded, you will be rewarded, too.

Now, let’s continue to read—“and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man”—not in his own name, not because of who he is but because of what he is and what he does. Then, you’re—“[going to] receive a righteous man’s reward”—well, that’s good. We all understand that.

But now, let’s look at the next verse. Here’s the sweet part—“And whosoever shall give to drink … one of these little ones [that believe in me] a cup of cold water … in the name of a disciple”—just because he’s a follower of Jesus—“verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:41–42) Now, do you know what that verse tells me? That when you give what the world calls “a little nobody”—what the world calls “a little nothing”—a cup of water, Jesus just writes it down.

He knows it—He knows it. A cup of cold water! You can’t get anything much less expensive than a cup of water. But, you see, what this tells me is that anything and everything rightly done in the name of Jesus is recorded.

You know, we’re sitting here in this beautiful auditorium this morning enjoying these services. You know one of the reasons why we’re enjoying these services? We’ve got a nursery building over there filled with hundreds of babies. Every church ought to have a “bawl room.” We have one. They’re over there bawling; they are over there crying, and they’re being rocked. And, little runny noses are being wiped, and little dirty diapers are being changed. And, those people are over there giving a little cup of water. I just imagine if you’d walk over there right now, there’d be some nursery worker with some little child giving that precious child a cup of water. And, I want to tell you that the God who sees Adrian Rogers preaching is the God that sees that nursery worker over there right now giving that cup of water. Isn’t that neat? Isn’t that wonderful?

These dear men up here in the sound room, God bless you. These dear men up here in the television room, God bless you. These dear ushers, God bless them. These people who made these buildings clean and beautiful for us, God bless them. These secretaries who type those letters that you get, God bless them. Those men who stood at the door and greeted you when you came this morning, God bless them. Those people who helped this parking lot to be clean this morning, God bless them. All of those people doing those things, God knows—God knows. And, I want to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, you mark it down: there is nothing done—nothing done, nothing done, nothing done—in the name of Jesus that will lose its reward if it is rightly done, even a cup of cold water.

Adrian Rogers, “Taking Inventory,” in Adrian Rogers Sermon Archive (Signal Hill, CA: Rogers Family Trust, 2017), 2 Co 5:8–10.

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