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It is all His so He makes the Rules

Leviticus 25

  • Land which I give you 25:2

  • God reminded them that the land was His 25:23

  • He gave them the land 25:38

  • Everything that you have in the promised land is something that I am giving you so I want you to manage it my way

  • The people of Israel were His also, He brought them out of Egypt 25:55

  • Major lessons to learn here-God planned on His people resting

  • God planned on them trusting Him to keep His word about their provisions

  • God takes care of the poor

  • He gives them a practical understanding of redemption that teaches us about our salvation

  • God wanted them to know that work was not more important than time that they would take to spend with Him

  • You can not get away with violating His principles

  • We should learn to treat each other with greater kindness because we are His people and we are family

  1. The land was to be given a sabbath or year of rest 25:1-7, 18-22

  2. The seventh year, they were not to work their farms 25:3-4

  3. They were not even to eat what grew on its own 25:5

  4. God promised them that He would cause the harvest of the sixth year to be big enough to feed them for 3 years 25:20-22

  5. Required management of goods Proverbs 6:6-9

  6. Couldn’t be reckless with the harvest

  7. Had to make plans to store food

  8. The servants and the owners didn't eat the food but the poor and the animals did Exodus 23:10-12

  9. God wants the poor taken care of

  10. He makes provision all through His teachings for that

  11. In this seventh year, all debts were forgiven or canceled also Deuteronomy 15:1-11

  12. They were to take care of the poor through loans

  13. They could charge interest to strangers Deuteronomy 15:3

  14. God would bless them for taking care of their own poor

  15. Notice how they were to treat their own people

  16. They were to rest and so were their servants and the land 25:4

  17. They were not to oppress or take advantage of each other 25:14

  18. They were to relieve each other, meet their needs 25:35

  19. They were not to charge interest to each other 25:36

  20. Not to rule roughly over each other 25:53

  21. The motivation to do all this was

  22. Because they remembered that God had redeemed them Deuteronomy 15:15

  23. Because they were commanded to do so Deuteronomy 15:5

  24. It gave them special time to spend with God Deuteronomy 31:9-13

  25. Apparently, the Jews never did obey the law of the sabbath and so God required it of them

  26. Since they did not honor God He charged them with their year II Chronicles 36:21, Jeremiah 25:8-11, 29:10

  27. Their failure to obey God caused His judgment

  28. You do not get away with stealing from God

  1. The year of Jubilee 25:8-17, 23-24

  2. A time of repentance

  3. The Year of Jubilee started with the day of Atonement 25:9

  4. This was a time of afflicting themselves and repenting of their sins 16:29-34

  5. If they do not get right with God and obey Him then this year of Jubilee will be a joke

  6. No slaves set free

  7. No land returned to its owner

  8. A forgiving of debts 25:10, 13

  9. This phrase is on our Liberty Bell, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof”

  10. The Hebrew servant was set free after 6 years Exodus 21:2

  11. A time of rest 25:11-12

  12. God had planned in rest for His people

  13. They had the 49th year free

  14. Then the 50th year was a year of rest

  15. This meant that they had to trust Him to provide for nearly 3 years from one harvest or what was saved, the 49th, 50th, and then the 51st until crops began to produce

  16. Returning the land to its owner 25:13-17

  17. The land was never to be sold forever 25:23

  18. Really the land belongs to God 25:23-24

  19. God gave everyone a new start

  20. He got his freedom

  21. He got his land back

  22. Understanding this point will help you understand the story of Ahab and Naboth I Kings 21

  23. Ahab wanted his land

  24. Naboth said he couldn’t sell it I Kings 21:3, 25:23, Numbers 36:7

  25. This year of Jubilee is like what happens to us when we get saved

  26. We repent of our sin

  27. He forgives us of our sins

  28. We rest from our own efforts at pleasing God

  29. He gives us a fresh start

  30. The kinsman-redeemer 25:25-55

  31. Land that had to be sold could be redeemed 25:25-28

  32. Houses could be redeemed 25:29-34

  33. Houses in town had one year to be redeemed

  34. Houses in the villages usual laws

  35. Levites special rules about getting their houses back

  36. Redeeming poor people

  37. They could help their brother Jews with an interest-free loan 25:36

  38. They could charge a gentile Deuteronomy 23:19-20

  39. If a Jew got so poor that he became a slave he was to be treated as an employee 25:40

  40. Jews could own gentile slaves and they did not go free

  41. If a Jew became a slave to a gentile living in Israel he could be bought back 25:47-49

  42. The story of Ruth and Boaz is based on this truth

  43. The story of your salvation as redemption is based on this story

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