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If, Then, Consequences

Leviticus 26-27

Lessons learned from Leviticus

  • God is a holy God

  • God wants His people to be holy

  • Holiness begins at the altar of sacrifice

  • Holiness involves obedience and discipline

  • Holiness must come from God and be genuine

  • Holiness becomes through a priest and Jesus is our high priest

  • A lack of holiness affects our land and country

  • Holiness is not a private affair

  • Holiness glorifies the Lord

  • Holiness means living to please God alone

God offers a choice. If we do certain things then He will do certain things. If we disobey all we can expect is His chastisement

  • He truly desires to bless us

  • He will bless us according to our obedience

  • This does not affect our eternal life but our blessed life

  • God will chastise us though we are saved by grace

  • We should take our walk with God very seriously

  1. They were to obey His commandments 26:1-13

  2. Because He is their God 26:1

  3. Because of His promises 26:3-13

  4. God gives them a condition “if” 26:3

  5. They were to walk in his statues

  6. Keep His commandments

  7. Do them

  8. Then He would 26:4

  9. Give them rain and cause their fields and crops to prosper

  10. He would give them peace in the land 26:6

  11. From their enemies

  12. From wild animals

  13. Victory over enemies 26:7-8

  14. He would make them fruitful 26:9

  15. They would prosper

  16. They would have Him as their God 26:12

  17. He reminds them that He made them what they are 26:13

  18. Remember these are words to Israel and can only apply to us as principles to learn from

  19. They should know that He will chastise them if they disobey 26:14-39

  20. God punishes His own Hebrews 12:6-8, Proverbs 3:11-12

  21. God knows His people and punishes them Amos 3:2

  22. There is no way that they should take lightly their relationship to God. He is their God. He loves them. He promises blessings but if they choose to disobey and they are His then they will suffer the consequences

  23. If you will not listen and do what I say 26:14

  24. If you will despise or not respect my statutes and will hate my judgments then you got it coming 26:15

  25. Terror is coming 26:16-17

  26. Their work will result in nothing

  27. They will live in fear

  28. Their enemies will destroy them

  29. He will break their pride 26:19-20 causing their land not to produce

  30. If you will walk contrary then plagues and wild animals will come and kill you and your children 26:21-22

  31. If that will not get your attention then wars and famine will come 26:23-26

  32. If you still will not listen then you will eat your children 26:27-31

  33. I will have you taken captive by your enemies and ruin the lives of those that are left behind 26:32-39

  34. They could trust His promises 26:40-47

  35. God punishes His people but He never rejects them

  36. God will forgive them when they realize their sin and repent

  37. They were to humble themselves and realize that God is punishing them 26:41

  38. Then He will remember His covenant and He will not cast them away or utterly hate them 26:44

  39. All God wants is for His people to recognize Him for who He is and to respect, honor, and obey Him

  40. They were to keep their word to God 27:1-34

  41. We are to keep our promises Ecclesiastes 5:2

  42. People that were promised to God 27:1-25

  43. The case of Samuel I Samuel 1-2

  44. The case of the firstborn

  45. Animals

  46. Property

  47. Things devoted to God as in the case of Achan

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