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Ideas from Mentoring for Mission for our Deacons

  1. To impact lives we must have a close walk and relationship with the God of heaven

  2. That most often happens in time alone with God

  3. I need to be with God before I worry about being with people

  4. It is my relationship with God that will draw people to want to learn from me

  5. They must see that there is something to learn, to gain from being with us

  6. We must earn their trust to impact their lives

  7. To impact lives I need to practice with-ness

  8. No relationship then no impact

  9. This will not be carried out in a classroom setting

  10. It is not the amount of information that I have that matters to people

  11. If I am task oriented, trying to accomplish a purpose, I may lose my impact

  12. They want to be loved more than they want to learn or be taught

  13. Our heart must go out to them. Not just our mind or ministry but our heart.

  14. The lesson here might be to be with people as I do the ministry that God has given me

  15. Do not do things alone

  16. You may be able to do it better than others but you want to show them, teach them, let them

  17. They must know that we think of them as important

  18. We are not simply doing ministry or letting them in on it

  19. We want them. We believe in them

  20. We want to train them to take places of responsibility not just have numbers in attendance, etc

  21. We want to be servants

  22. Our goal is to see them become a success

  23. We know that we are only temporarily doing this ministry.

  24. We want to model for them how to live and do ministry

  25. We are to be what we want them to be

  26. Serving for us is more about us being who we are so that others can learn the same

  27. We are not trying to be great anything but show them our great Jesus

  28. We don't want to be something that they can’t be

  29. Let’s show them how the truth can work in their lives

  30. We need to work at getting to know our people and their reality

  31. I know in my youth I failed so many times because I didn't understand my audience

  32. We want to help them make the truth a part of their lives

  33. They may not understand how the Bible will work in their context unless we learn their reality

  34. They must understand so they can obey

  35. I hope that these lessons have also helped you understand the difficulties that our missionaries face

  36. In lots of ways we work cross culturally also

  37. We must remember that if we have been in church a long time they may not understand anything we are saying

  38. We speak a different language

  39. We have to go over the materials we teach and put it where they can understand it not us

  40. Lessons to learn and apply from this

  41. Work closely with our people

  42. Be the model of the truth

  43. Teach others

  44. Get them involved with all you are doing

  45. Try to make sure the Word is the center of anything you are doing even if you do not open it

  46. Lets make the most of all that God gives us

  47. Let’s show them that they are honored, loved, served, encouraged and trusted to do their best for the Lord.

  48. Let’s be concerned to be Spirit filled Christians who live in and by the power of the Holy Spirit

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