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How to plant an indigenous church 3

There are still many PREPARATIONS to make even after you have gotten the place to meet and start the church. It is good to print and use thousands of invitations, passing them out door to door, in the streets, market places, and public meeting places. Never give out an invitation without a gospel presentation because the majority of the people who receive the invitation will not come. It would also be good to prepare some posters that to put around in public places so that people will know what is going on. In some places, you might even use a public address system to drive around, inviting the people to come. Even though the majority will not come, all should know what is happening. Make a lot of "noise" about the opening of a new church.

The PROCEDURE then is to plan what to do to get started. Possibly hold a week of meetings with gospel films followed by preaching or maybe just a regular service with Bible study. The most necessary ingredient is getting out and inviting all around the area. Visit every house in the neighborhood with a gospel presentation, tract, and an invitation. Make plans to go back every day or every week with a new gospel tract. Do not stay long because the goal is to get folks out to the meeting.

Consider inviting other Christians from another area to come and give personal testimonies of what Jesus has done in their lives and what the Bible and the church mean to them. It is also good to have some special singing. Sing and have testimonies, then show the film, followed by more testimonies. Preach on the same idea of the film, trying to get folks to stay afterward to talk about salvation.

Be sure to sing the same simple chorus repeatedly so that the people will learn them and remember them. Once the preparations are made, be sure to visit much. Ask for the man of the house and teach the others to do the same. The church has too long been a thing of the women. Make the church a place for men. Do not use women much. Let men help make the decisions. Be sure to invite the world. Be sure to go to the market and all public meeting places with your invitations. One never knows where God has someone that will come.

Due to the amount of work necessary, visit and advertise a week of meetings up to a couple of weeks before starting.

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