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  • W. Austin Gardner

How to Plant an Indigenous Church

How do we plant an indigenous church? What will be the PLAN to use in starting your first church? Each country will have its peculiarities, and each missionary will do things differently, but we will present at least an idea or plan to refer to, should you so desire.

From beginning to end, it all depends on PRAYER. Be sure to know the will of God in what you are doing. Many people quit because they do not understand God's will for them when the discouraging times come. They begin to think that they are where they are because they decided to do so without the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Be sure he has called you and then ask his guidance, waiting on him for direction on where you will work. Seek his power. Seek his direction as to where, when, and who will help. Be careful to pray wisely. Drive around. Look at the folks and find out where the need is. Wait on Him to show you just where to begin. You need not hide from other churches, but it might be wiser not to start a church next door to another church. What economic level will you work with? Be sure to find out where the best location is. Determine what was in the building before you and if you are close to a bar, etc. Starting the church is not something you will do lightly or quickly if you want God's blessing on what you are doing. Be careful to start in a place that will leave open doors to carry the ministry forward.

Pray about the will of God as to who will help you start the work. Will you work with a national, or will you be alone? Maybe you can get at least temporary help from another church in the area. They could go visiting with you, sing specials, give testimonies. Often there is no one to help, so you go and start by yourself. Be careful not to jump in without praying and planning, but neither should you waste time just because you are scared or nervous. Many missionaries take months and even years to start their first church because they are busy studying everything. There is too much to do to be wasting our time like that. Work for the night is coming.

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