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His name is Holy

Leviticus 24:10-16

  • A continual burning of the lamp for light 24:1-4

  • Dark in the tabernacle, no windows

  • The lamp or candlestick 24:4 maybe represents the Word of God that gives us light, to pray, to live

  • The candlestick may represent the nation of Israel who was responsible to be a light and carry the light of Jesus-the light of the world

  • It is interesting how important the things that happened in the tabernacle out of sight were-it wasn’t what the people saw that mattered but what God saw

  • The twelve cakes 24:5-9

  • Apparently representing the 12 tribes so that the priest never got to isolated from the people-a reminder of them

  • Interesting that bread is so common and yet God put it in the tabernacle-there is not common or holy for the born again Christian-it is all holy

  1. To not respect the name is to not respect the person

  2. Our obedience is based on our fear or respect for the Lord

  3. If you do not honor and fear His name there will be no basis for obeying Him

  4. The third commandment Exodus 20:7

  5. Maybe the reason the boy didn't respect the Lord was his family training and discipline

  6. He was the son of an Egyptian 24:10

  7. Apparently, his dad isn’t around because he is only referred to as her son

  8. Mixed marriages caused great problems II Corinthians 6:14

  9. A mixed multitude had come out of Egypt Exodus 12:38

  10. The mixed multitude missed their old life Numbers 11:4

  11. Outlandish women even caused Solomon to sin Nehemiah 13:26

  12. Some couldn’t even speak the language of the Jews Nehemiah 13:24

  13. They turned the hearts of God’s people to other gods!

  14. In the heat of the moment and anger what was in the boy’s heart came out and he cursed God Matthew 12:34-35

  15. To lie in God’s name is to profane or not respect His name 19:12

  16. Stealing takes His name in vain Proverbs 30:8-9

  17. We shouldn’t even have to use His name because we love and respect Him so much that we just tell the truth Matthew 5:33-37

  18. They wanted to seek the mind of the Lord 24:12

  19. We do not always know what we ought to do even though we have the Bible and all written out-so stop and seek Him

  20. Be humble enough to seek Him and His wisdom Proverbs 25:9

  21. There is not a list of rules and regulations to cover everything you are going to do

  22. You must be mature enough to seek God, seek counsel, and follow His principles as He shows them to you

  23. We walk by faith II Corinthians 5:7

  24. How do you know what God wants you to do in ministry full time, with your money, with your life Philippians 2:13

  25. God directly tells them the punishment

  26. He was to be taken outside the camp 24:14

  27. Those who heard him had to lay hands on his head 24:14

  28. The witnesses had to be serious and not just busybody gossips

  29. Then all the congregation had to stone him 24:14

  30. All the congregation had to realize how serious the sin was

  31. Moses had to make an announcement 24:15-16

  32. This will remind them that God’s name is holy and will not be taken lightly

  33. God’s people obeyed 24:23

  34. The punishment must fit the crime 24:17-22

  35. Murderers are to be put to death 24:17, 21, Genesis 9:5-6

  36. People were not to be punished more harshly than their crime Exodus 21:22-25, Deuteronomy 19:21

  37. Difference between murder and manslaughter Exodus 21:12-14

  38. Cities of refuge Numbers 35

  39. Human life is sacred and not to be taken lightly, the death penalty

  40. All of this was government law, Israeli law not individuals, so not referring to you just getting even, revenge

  41. Details about law Exodus 21:26-22

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